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Learn to Day Trade Commodity Futures Contracts using "Pattern Recognition" and "Trend Following" Techniques

Futures Trading

Futures trading is a RISKY business!!!

What is RISK?

Risk is the cost of a result from an action being different than what had been expected.
RISK is a condition in which the outcome of a decision to act is not known with certainty.
Futures trading involves taking decisions the outcomes of which are not known with certainty.
Futures trading involves taking decisions about whether to sell, buy, or continue to hold a position. 
The “position” to be taken or held is “the number of futures contracts” the trader can afford to transact.
The prices of futures contracts fluctuate constantly during trading periods.
The trading period in many futures contracts is now twenty four hours per day five days per week.
Somewhere on Earth someone is trading and prices are fluctuating.
The fluctuations in these prices present a risk and an opportunity to the Futures trader. 
The wider the range of the price fluctuations the greater is the risk that the trader may lose money.
But the fluctuations also increase the possibility for the trader to make money!
What can a trader do to prevent the loss of money? Or to increase the chance of making a profit?
Or rather
What can the trader do to reduce the risk to which he/she is exposed by virtue of trading?
The general answer is: Use “The Savage Trading System”!
The Savage Trading System is a “Day Trading” system.
The trader uses "Pattern Recognition" and Trend Following" techniques! 
The Savage Trading System provides the trader with a chart that presents the price data logically.
The trading strategy used in The Savage Trading System minimizes the trader’s time in the market.
The trader, using The Savage Trading System, emphasizes Patience.
The trader assumes the role of the Tortoise, rather than that of the Hare.
The trader learns to identify the few high probability trades that the market provides each day.
The trader uses Pattern Recognition techniques to identify the high probability trades.
The high probability trades provide modest but achievable results.
These modest results are compounded by the addition of profits to the trader’s margin account.
As the margin account grows so does the number of contracts the trader can afford to trade.
The growth rate can be exponential.
The profits may be substantial.
And the trader can trade long or short!

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